Leave Tomorrow-Ism and Kickstart Your Goals At the June


Upgrade My Life & Biz August 11th-14th 2021

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Leave Tomorrow-Ism and Upgrade Your Life Now!

Ready to Take. Charge of Your Future?

You have to decide right now if these challenging times are going to make you or break you, or if you're going to find a way to upgrade your personal and professional goals. I am calling all Eagles who are ready to soar in 2021 to take charge of your goals now.


How Can I Pivot Online?

I know that we are all concerned about how COVID-19 has caused us to pivot whether or not we planned for it. I still believe that if you want to pursue your goals and passions for reaching new milestones in your life is ready for you as long as you are willing to show up for it.

Everyone today is striving to figure out how they can continue to stay in motion during these unprecedented times.

Your Special Invitation

Dr. Allana Da Graca wants to invite you to the Upgrade My Life Challenge where you can design the personal and professional action plan that you need to move forward today.

These are challenging times .... you've heard the phrase that we all must pivot time and time again, but the truth is that challenging times can allow us to tap into our creative potential.

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