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Kickstart My Biz:
Social Media Blueprint


Ready to Tell Your Digital Story?

Hello There,

My name is Dr. Allana and I am here to help you tell your digital story.  If you are a thought leader, expert or coach you are in the right virtual space. As a result of helping women, entrepreneurs and leaders (1) tell their story, (2) leverage earning power and (3) create five-star businesses, leaders grow their revenue, restore their passion and leave #CMF (cross my fingers) plans that impede success.  

There are three steps I would like you to take today.


Complete The Spark Assessment

Are you a new entrepreneur looking to grow in 2022? What if I told you that you could make thousands of dollars doing what you felt passionate about? More importantly, how many more get-rich-quick schemes, unresponsive programs, and unproven workshops are you going to join that are insufficient in helping you to reach your abundant growth?  The Coronavirus crisis has caused us all to stop and re-evaluate our big WHY. In this time you have probably seen the need to reshape how you manage yourself and the goals you set for 2022. Now, more than ever, it is essential to take appropriate measures to stay in MOTION.



Kickstart My Biz: How to Design Your Social Media Blueprint


  • Understand Pre-Launch Foundations

  • Build Your Brand Design

  • Design Your Tactics & Strategy Roadmap

  • Complete Our Persistence Persona Assessment

  • Attend one 1.5 hr Demand Master Class

  • Understand Digital Basics


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