mYQuest Confab Virtual Retreat

June 2021


In today’s web 2.o world, perhaps you’ve found yourself looking for a virtual alternative in the form of online courses, webinars and more. You may have been a part of online events that promised you engagement and left you resentful because you expected something more. Prior to the impact of COVID, Turning On the Lights Global Institute had online experiences, but our clients and constituents have asked us to design a robust experience. 


Today individuals are feeling a little weary after attending lackluster virtual events that are too generalized, and poorly executed. This is why TOLGI has decided to step up to the plate. We have conducted an informal survey of our clients and realize that our leaders and business owners need a safe place to adapt to the NEW NORMAL.

The MyQuest Confab Virtual Retreat, is our signature experience for executives, womanpreneurs, minority owned businesses, and world leaders.



  1. What is the MyQuest con·fab?

The name of this retreat was inspired by the incubation periods that Albert Einstein would often have as he pondered scientific questions.  This virtual retreat provides an awesome opportunity for leaders and entrepreneurs to have  Uncommon Conversations about how to UPGRADE in theirPersonal and Professional lives.

  1. Who Should Apply to Participate?

  • Small Business Owners

  • Educators/Service Providers

  • International Leaders

  • Minority Owned Business Owners

  • Experts Ready to Transition into Consulting or Coaching

  • 2.What is my ROI?

Dr. Allana Da Graca has spent over 22 years guiding her clients and students in dynamic methods of personal and professional technique to help you win in life and business. She will provide you with practical methods to pivot during these times of uncertainty. She will use her scientific research in Persistence methodology to help you find clarity with the BIG questions that will both support you and hold you accountable to reaching new milestones. The Virtual sequence will put you through a Pre and Post assessment to identify gaps in your personal and professional growth. Our program will guide you through a carefully structured model of goal acquisition.


In this intimate space you will have access to other powerhouse leaders who are just as fired up as you are to transform their lives.At the end of the entire experience you will have the following:

  1. Activation Calendar

  2. Plug and Play Social Media Blueprint

  3. Custom Action Plan to Upgrade in your Personal Goals and Overcome Procrastination

  4. Support from our highly trained team members

  5. Accountability playbook


3. How does it work?


  1. We will have 12 participants enrolled in our MyQuest Confab retreat.

  2. Participants must apply to this program to make sure that they are ready for this robust experience.


  1. Our participants will pre and post assignments to ensure they are quickly implementing applied concepts.


  1. Our expert team will also be there to help you overcome hurdles and mind blocks along the way.

  2. You will learn alongside a curated group of professional peers from around the world who will both support you and hold you accountable to your personal and professional growth goals.

  3. By the end of this virtual retreat, you will have an awareness of what it is you want, you’ll have designed a vision for what that looks like, and you’ll have an actionable plan to begin to take steps every day to get you closer to alignment between your career and your life.

4. How is a MyQuest different from an Online Summit?

MyQuest different then an online zoom meeting or course because it is designed to be highly collaborative, interactive, and engaging.  We know that individuals are a little burned out from virtual meetings that are not well planned (Poor group breakout sessions, no time to process information, unexperienced hosts and more).


Our team members consist of individuals who are highly trained in UX design, user experience, instructional design and more.  We use constructivist models of delivery which suggests that the learner has autonomy in their quest to reach new heights in their lives.

5.  Is this Virtual Retreat about my business or personal life?

Participants are able to select the business or personal development track that they want to complete during the training

What time will the Live Sessions be?

More details about the agenda will be provided as we get closer to the fall

6. Is this the right fit for me?

MyQuest Confab is for entrepreneur and leaders who are looking to reestablish their personal goals and find better alignment between their values, long range goals and more.

This retreat is for you if you are ready to

  • Kickstart a New Business. 

  • Transform in your area of Confidence, Health or Finances

  • Get a clearer picture of what’s next after COVID


Who will be in the Virtual Room with me?

A diverse  group of industry leaders from all around the world who are ready to deep dive with other powerhouse leaders.

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