3 Business Ideas to Start During a Pandemic

During Covid-19, many professionals in the education, travel, and restaurant industries formed new businesses. The economic uncertainty that occurred caused many professionals to re-think their career paths. With that in mind, here are three ways to create revenue as an online business owner.

Virtual Event Planning

Presently there is a high demand for companies to facilitate meaningful moments in an online setting. Companies are often looking for ways to get their employees engaged with the company vision. Managing attendees, creating spreadsheets, optimizing the digital engagement, and monitoring internal communication are some of the event responsibilities one may consider.

From the Restaurant to the Digital Kitchen!

Consider sharing your passion for culinary arts with the world. Turning On the Lights Global Institute worked with organizations like Small Business Strong, an organization designed to help small business owners pivot during these challenging times, to assist those hardest hit with solutions to serve their constituents online. Consider sharing recipes, insights, and online classes on Zoom.


With e-commerce, you can create a digital product, become an online affiliate to another e-commerce company (ex. Amazon Affiliates), or provide online solutions for those in the B2B or B2C market. We saw more than 6 billion people using mobile search to make online purchases.

Kickstart Your Social Media Blueprint

Watch the Kickstart My Biz Webinar to understand the importance of how to engage with your raving fans! How will you adapt during this pandemic? Share your comments below!

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