3 Disciplines That Helped Me to Upgrade My Life #UPML

According to the Webster dictionary, to upgrade means to raise something to a higher standard. Have you ever had your flight upgraded from business seating to first-class? It feels amazing. First-class on a flight entails more room to spread your legs, attention to care from the attendants, and more robust offerings from the menu. Lastly, we are aware of this due to the extra attention we receive during the flight.

In coaching, my clients and I are always moving past the Imposter, overcoming negative self-talk, and creating new milestones to overcome our challenges.

In 2014, I needed an Upgrade in my personal life. I loved my role as an educator but wanted to find ways to expand my earning power. I had ideas that I wanted to shape into programs. I had a love for poetry that I desired to share with other writers. Yet, I would always hear the inner voice say, "Not now." Guess what? That inner-voice remained the same for 15 years.

Then it all changed when I got tired. I got tired of seeing the same notebooks filled with ideas that remained unlocked potential. I realized I had to own my dream! I formed Turning On the Lights Global Institute and the rest was history. I started with one Instagram live stream. The live stream would eventually lead to the creation of a conference called the International Women Build Confidence Conference ™, and digital experiences were subsequently created to help individuals reach personal and professional goals.

In order to Upgrade My Life, I did these three things.

Discipline One: I Made Time for Incubation

Albert Einstein was known to sit for up to 8 hours at a time to think about his research. I decided to leave my house and go to the Boston Public Library. I sat there for 6 hours and planned my goals.

Discipline Two: Turned My Passion into a Side-Hustle!- I analyzed why I was not successful in completing projects, organizing my goals, and seeing ideas turn into books, webinars, or experiences. I realized my habits were my biggest saboteurs. I woke up daily and began to email 10-15 people a day about my new business. I treated every engagement with extra care! I set up my first complimentary coaching sessions and harnessed my craft.

Discipline 3: I Set Financial Goals.

I had to see the value of my offerings as something people wanted to invest in. As a leader and educator, I had to remind myself of the hundreds of students I helped to kickstart their careers, become entrepreneurs, serve the globe, and become role model citizens as attributes of success that I had a part to play in.

Once I was able to see success on my own, I knew it was time to help others to do the same. I want to invite you to join the Upgrade My Life and Biz Challenge!

Let's leave the "Tomorrow-Ism," habit and take drastic action to arrive at our goals. Every morning we will wake up at 7:30 AM (Eagles Time) to connect, network, and learn about how to make 2021 an exciting year of productivity and goal attainment.

Action Tasks

Consider attending the online Upgrade My Life & Biz event this March to kickstart your 2021 goals. We would love to help you to:

  • Identify the gaps between your now and future goals.

  • Leave self-limiting beliefs behind.

  • Jumpstart the strategies that you need to elevate yourself from where you

Need to Upgrade? Book a strategy session with Dr. Allana today!

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