3 Important Productivity Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur

As burgeoning entrepreneurs, we have a lot on our plates. Scheduling meetings, streamlining strategy sessions, and making time to review outcomes are time-consuming. Let's think about how to be more productive in 2022.

Meet With the Right People

It is always essential to speak to people who need your service. It may be tempting to schedule meetings with anyone who appears interested in what you offer, but they may not be ready for your service. Having a qualifying process in place is key to using time effectively. A questionnaire, assessment, and sequenced video series are ways to do this.

Connect With Your Raving Fans Online

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs understand the value of social media for organic marketing consumption. But, we have to move past contentment with likes. Take an additional hour each day to connect in the direct messages of those interested in what you have to say.

Get Ready for the Post Pandemic Economy

The economy has shifted since the pandemic. 2 million people formed new side hustles. Now is the time to update our efficiency with technological skills, social strategy and relationship building.

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