3 Steps to Build Mental Endurance When Life Gets Tough!

The world stopped when COVID-19 hit the planet. Since then, it has caused many individuals to feel high amounts of anxiety and stress than ever before. To adapt to the new normal this crisis has caused, we need to develop endurance that can allow us to feel hopeful again.

Step One: Conduct a personal and professional self-assessment

COVID-19 has caused many industries to alter their service or adapt online whether they wanted to or not. Complete an assessment that allows you to see how you would

Step Two: Remove Mental Clutter

Clear your mental clutter by re-prioritizing every project and commitment you have signed up for. Based upon the present-day challenges, are there some items that can be re-scheduled for a later date? How will your actions in 2021 get you to your top 3 yearly goals?

Step Three: Pivot and Learn

According to Grand View Research, professional development that helps individuals with "Self-awareness, such as emotions, character traits, habits, individual values, and the psychological need that shapes the day-to-day behavior of individuals are gaining importance." Consider taking time to elevate your skills with technology, communication, and more. In addition to this, consider contributing your insight and knowledge as an expert in your field.

Watch this Fireside Chat about how to build resilience in the midst of the Pandemic.

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