3 Tips to Make Your Digital PIVOT During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Dr. Allana Da Graca

Our new normal is here. COVID-19 has made us ask, "What will this new normal look like?" Leaders and entrepreneurs will have to quickly strategize around the digital strategies needed to engage with constituents. So, what steps can leaders and entrepreneurs take to pivot in these challenging times? Here are my top three suggestions:


What are the events, conferences, and special seminars you have held in the past? How can you take those experiences and transition them to an online format? Tools like Eventbrite, Go To Meeting, Webinar Jam, Facebook Group Meet, and more allow you to engage with your community in a virtual setting. Take time to practice your facial expressions and audience rapport as you speak to your community virtually. Beyond the use of PowerPoint slides, consider practicing your presentation delivery.

Offline experiences where people can see facial expressions and experience your persona in a live space are temporarily absent. You will need to take more time to develop your communication strategy. As an online presenter your aim is to engage and guide participants in a robust conversation. Get creative and use music, drawings, and visuals to captivate the viewer.

2. Extend Empathy to all of Your Constituents.

Although we want things to return to "Normal," this reality has forever changed. Take time to email, call and communicate with your clients and fans. They want to hear from you. Now is a great time to check on how your constituents are feeling. A simple phone call to clients can go a long way!

3. Form a Tribe

Take time to learn about your clients and constituents. You can use questionnaires, discovery calls, and informational meetups to keep everyone in your community connected! In these stressful times, individuals are searching for a sense of belonging. Research shows that institutions that employ strategies that enhance efficacy positively impact the level of commitment an individual has towards reaching new milestones. You can use FACEBOOK groups to help individuals come together around the core themes of your entity. Our #IWBCC community helps entrepreneurs and leaders stay in motion during challenging times. We support and partner with other gurus to help individuals build their businesses.

Although the pandemic has brought many challenges to us, it has also allowed us to stay in motion by recognizing the value in authentic relationship-building. Jump into this deep dive discussion with Susie Carder, Bev Attfield, Sarah Scala and TOLGI members for jumping into this rich dialogue about how to move forward in 2021.

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