3 Ways to Develop Your Post-Pandemic Blueprint As a Small Business Owner

We have seen unprecedented changes for small business owners who faced many challenges due to COVID-19. Although some businesses thrived and maintained steady growth, others faced insurmountable financial losses.

The "New Normal," is here to stay. Since the pandemic, more than 2 million businesses formed as a way for individuals to create additional streams of income. Here are three strategies for building your post-pandemic blueprint.

Analyze Your Challenges and Wins

According to the WSFS Bank Business Survey, 88% of businesses shifted their operational procedures. Consider working with Turning On the Lights Global, and see how you can bring more visibility concerning your products and services.

Build Your Resilience!

Persistence is the ability an individual has to push through challenging times. Research shows that confidence, mentorship, efficacy, financial needs, and more can accelerate or impede the growth of one's goals towards goal attainment. Since the pandemic, millions of people have enrolled in self-development summits and challenges.

Consider registering for the Upgrade My Life and Biz Challenge to

  1. Pivot Online

  2. Design Your Social Media Blueprint

  3. Connect with Eagles who want to SOAR with you

Get Seen and Heard

Never underestimate your story! Consider using Blogs, Podcasts, and webinars to share your genius with others. Social sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Clubhouse are tools you can use to build immediate engagement about the digital story of your brand.

Turning On the Lights Global Institute

Dr. Allana Da Graca is the founder of Turning on the Lights Global Institute. TOLGI helps individuals reach personal and professional goals through digital courses, coaching, and #IWBCC™ events. Email us subscriber@drallandagraca.com

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