3 Ways to Elevate Your Goals in 2021

What are you going to do today to make sure you have the best year ever? What are some things you can do to activate your goals like never before? The purpose of this article is to give you some strategies that will help you kickstart your anticipated goals this year. Do you feel overwhelmed or challenged about where you presently are as it pertains to the goals you set when January began? You have the time today to re-strategize and change the perspective of the goals that you presently have. Here are my top 3 suggestions

1. Write a letter to 5 individuals

Write a letter to 5 individuals who impacted your life within the last five years. Share how their friendship and support have influenced you positively. Get ready for those positive responses to come your way.

2. Re-Ignite Your Commitment to goals for 2021

Don’t just envision your success but take time to plan for it. Having a great vision without a clear plan will set you up for failure and stagnation. Close your eyes and ask yourself, “What is one area of goal attainment that causes me the most frustration? Issues of time management, tech overwhelm, inability to execute the actions needed to arrive at new goals are some of the common challenges most people deal with daily. But always remember the. BIG WHY!

3 .Write your top 3 Goals for 2021 and Strategize!

I love to plan the outcomes of a new goal by measuring my inputs and outputs. I do this by utilizing my Intentions Tracker. On an excel spreadsheet or word document, create three columns that use the following headings:

  • Actions

  • Intentions

  • Outcomes

When I plan, I often start with the end in mind. If I want to design a new course, I

think about the tangible skills I want my users to have. I then set the pieces of training with the outcomes in mind. In this manner, I can measure the overall sequence of the overarching goal.

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