5 Keys to Financial Prosperity with Susie Carder

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Let's not ignore the big elephant in the room: the past year has been devastating. We have witnessed an unprecedented amount of lives lost due to COVID-19, and the lives of business owners forever changed. As a consequence, you might be in a place feeling high levels of anxiety as you look to see where the opportunities may lie. It is time to capitalize on our experiences to stay in motion during these challenging times. We can look at the savvy entrepreneurs who adapted when COVID-19 hit. We saw local restaurants deliver food to homes, and entrepreneurs offer their clients virtual experiences.

Unfortunately, some business owners had to close permanently with hopes to transition into new careers altogether. With that in mind, you can still find ways to keep money coming in during these challenging times. By expanding your earning capacity, you could use this income to pay off debt and build your emergency savings fund.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to sit down with Susie Carder, the profit-coach, to learn how she grew several million-dollar enterprises and bounced back from the 2008 market crash. This month she is hosting The Big Money Business Summit. Tap into this lively interview hosted by Turning On the Lights Global Institute International Women Build Confidence Conference.

Understand the keys to building prosperity in challenging times.

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