5 Steps for Gaining a New Client Without a Funnel

Step One: Stop paralysis analysis.

Every entrepreneur remembers the early days when they started their first day as the CEO of their dream.

Step Two: Take your goals seriously.

Remember the WHY behind why you started this new venture. Create an affirmation or vision board that indicates the goals you have over a 12-month period.

Step Three: Pick up the phone.

In the article, Talking Instead of Texting Can Save Relationships, it is reported that more than 90 percent of Americans have their phones with them frequently. Part of client acquisition is making sure that a prospect feels heard and respected. I still love it when someone has made time to chat with me on the phone. I can connect with an infectious laugh or 20-second pause in the conversation. Non-verbal cues are essential to assess the flow of a given engagement.

Step Four: Get organized.

Gather your business cards, conference notes, association constituents and make create a fresh list of contacts. Prepare your "HOT LEADS," of prospects.

Step Five: Get Excited.

In order to build confidence and leave imposter syndrome, find ways to see the "FUN," in how you discuss your service and products. Invite 20 people to a Virtual Party that reveals your service or product in a creative way. Play games, use poetry, or theatrical role-play to get individuals excited about your offer. Wrap up the night with an invitation for a consultation!

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