5 Steps to Convert Your Followers Into Consumers

Many of you are leaders and entrepreneurs who want to grow your brand in 2021. I want you to look at your Social Media use over the past 60 days. Take time to review every post, comment and insight you have had across social media channels. What are the types of images you engaged with the most? What posts did you upload over a 14-day period that were relative to your personal or professional goals? Many individuals don't realize how much time they spend on non-related content as it pertains to their business goals. Consider to kickstart your business goals with these five steps. You will see immediate results when you operate at a more focused level. Step One: In each post, let the consumer know that you are aware of their challenges. Consider offering a webinar, workshop or event to help them gain more clarity in a weak area. Step Two: Post a photo of yourself in action! People love to connect with authentic messages. Share a video or timely post where you speak in first person about a challenge you have recently overcome. Step Three: Be consistent. Take time to NURTURE your raving fans. If they make a comment or ask a question, respond within a 24hr window. Step Four: Begin your post with a rhetorical question. People love to feel heard and valued. How can you create engagement with your readers. Step Five: Whenever you post a podcast, YouTube video, blog or more, remember to let the audience know that you are virtually available to connect. Listen to this Kickstart Your Social Media Blue Print interview and RSVP to attend our Social Media Webinar in March. RSVP while spaces last.

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