5 Things Small Business Owners Can Do to Create a Stronger 2021

September 8, 2021

Dr. Allana Da Graca

Now that small business owners have adapted to this new normal, how can they prepare for a stronger 2021? Here are some tactics one can use to optimize these changing times.

Tip 1: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats Assessment

You may want to conduct a SWOT test to view the ways to diversify your offerings.

Many small business owners who led events to spark their coaching and training businesses were left to figure out how to create additional services as alternatives to the live event model. Make a list of all your offerings and consider finding ways to distribute these offerings into online forms of consumption.

Tip 2: Volunteer

Consider offering your services pro bono to help others overcome a particular challenge. Create awareness around this one area that draws people in. This type of service allows you to form a community around your service and expand the reach and knowledge about the solutions you offer to others. You may do this by sharing complementary pieces of training, providing a 1-sheet marketing solution, or offering pro-bono #AMA (Ask Me Anything) days to keep constituents in touch with your business.

Tip 3: Have Digital Conversations

Participate in the online conversations that are happening every day. How many LinkedIn exchanges, Instagram feed discussions, and Facebook conversations have you had in the last month? Remember that there are opportunities around you every day. Social media engagement has evolved from an individual pressing a like button to that of real exchange. What question, comment, or consideration can you make as you read something of interest?

Tip 4. Acquaint yourself with Social Media for Business

As business owners, it will be essential to be willing to adapt. Access the Kickstart Your Biz Social Media Blueprint webinar. Learn how to create a social media plan to optimize and leverage your business's success.

Tip 5. Let Your Community Know about Your Genius

People will not come to our basements to learn about our solutions. Entrepreneurship can feel lonely. Let your community read about what you have been up to by writing a guest blog. If you have special events, consider posting a free listing on Eventbrite. You can also contact your local newspaper and ask to upload a flyer about an upcoming event!

About Turning On the Lights Global Institute

Dr. Allana Da Graca is the founder of Turning on the Lights Global Institute. TOLGI helps individuals reach personal and professional goals through digital courses, coaching, and #IWBCC™ events. Email us subscriber@drallandagraca.com