5 Ways to Upgrade Your Life in 2022

It's almost 2022. It's that moment where I want you to think about removing your inhibitions about reaching new goals. When we expand our mindset, we take moments of discomfort to stretch our perspective and execute thoughts into outcomes. What would happen if you took from what you have done this past year and made small adjustments to have more wins ?

Here are some tips to Upgrade:

Tip One: Face Your Fears:

It will be essential for you to leave the IMPOSTER

Tip Two: Have a Five-Star Experience

If you can, I highly recommend that you experience a 5-star hotel, first-class flight or upscale restaurant. Observe the communication, mannerisms and expectations that you have when you enter these experiences.

Tip Three: Plan Your Wins:

Read this prior Blog about planning your 2022 wins

Tip Four: Get Into Process

Many variables influence success. Find a community like our #IWBCC tribe to receive the support and learning opportunities that will circumnavigate the challenges that we all have when making new goals.

Tip Five: Make the Decision to Upgrade!

Watch this new video about how to Upgrade.

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