5 Secrets to Landing a New Client

Leaving your full time job and starting a new business is only half the battle. Locating people to actually invest in your service is the real obstacle.

Like many entrepreneurs, I was very positive about my desire to help others lead more vibrant lives. I assumed that if I built a great experience, then clients would suddenly appear. In the beginning I had the #CMF (Cross My Fingers) plan and began to make posts that did not always align with my core goals.

That all changed the moment I decided I wanted to see the results of my hard labor (calling individuals, designing programming, creating videos, speaking at events). Luckily, my company has stayed afloat in the midst of the pandemic. Here are some SECRETS I learned in building this business.

Secret One:

People will buy your service when they have full confidence that you can help them. Share your BOSS with others. They may not understand the depth of your experience. Be willing to highlight trainings, certifications and industry specific competencies you have acquired over the years.

Secret Two:

Be authentic online and offline. As we market our message it must be important that we do not substitute online posting for "Real" conversation. I like to take time to research my colleague before approaching them.

Secret Three:

Show a Sample of your product or service. Think of prospects the way you think of the process of purchasing a new vehicle. You look forward to the test drive.

Secret Four:

Get excited about your offer! If you look nervous, scared or uncertain about your solution, your prospect will pick up on this.

Secret Five:

Get help. Stop and think about where you are right now. Are you busy working in your business and not on your business? Where can a coach, tech guru or copywriter help you to streamline results faster?

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