Charge Your Worth Entrepreneur: 3 Tips for a Money Mindset Makeover

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

It is my 3rd coaching call. I am speaking with an expert in communication. She shows corporate teams how to use communication strategies to enhance employee engagement and retention. She wants to take her part-time consulting to another level. In addition to that, she works two additional Adjunct jobs as a Communication Instructor. She feels burned out.

That is when I ask the following questions:

  1. How long have you spent working on your craft?

  2. Name the Fortune 500 companies you have worked with

  3. Describe the ROI the company experienced as a result of your hard work

The client is usually shocked at how much they have done to assist others over the years. That is when the discussion about leveraging price points comes into play. Here are three tips to remember as you grow your small business.

Entrepreneurs can take more time to reconsider their views about money. Humans are wired by varying motivations. According to Abraham Maslow, the basic tenets of safety, well-being, and ideals of self-actualization motivate individuals to make a host of decisions. Every day we make choices. Whenever I invest in something, it is because of the following reasons:

  1. I have an urgent need to fix a challenge

  2. I see that the individual or solution is credible

  3. I can evaluate case studies, research, and more to ensure credibility

Tip One: Understand Your Value

Take a moment to analyze all of your wins this year and recognize the VALUE you bring to others. There are millions of people looking for solutions. You might be their answer. If you are an expert or specialist, take the time and quantify the results you have offered in the past.

Tip Two: Never Underestimate your Prospects

Think about Dorothy going down the yellow brick road. On the journey, viewers experience a sequence of events. How can you streamline your packaging for your constituents to experience all of what you offer? Once you engage a new prospect, take time to listen and identify the multitude of ways you can help them solve their challenge. Consider offering prospects solutions with traditional and non-traditional modes of communication. Use solutions that include digital courses, signature talks, workshops, and more. Shift your services from hourly experiences with clients to packaged ones.

Tip Three: Upgrade Your Personal Development

Attend personal development trainings to help you leave self-sabotaging behavior. I tell my clients that it is hard to charge five-star value when you don't feel five-star.

Jon the Upgrade My Life and Biz Challenge.

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