Dr. Allana Sits Down With Gina Gardiner to Help Individuals 10x Their Goals

When I first read Grant Cardone’s book, The 10x Rule, I challenged myself to use this motto as a reminder to play full out! Having 10x goals automatically allows us to think bigger about our potential.

COVID-19 has caused us to press PAUSE on the old way of doing things. But to push past these challenging times, it is essential to find opportunities, webinars, events, and opportunities to increase the internal messages we have about reaching new milestones in our lives.

To have a massive transformation, we have to change our outlook and intentions to see measurable results. An over-arching goal is not enough to withstand the tides of life that often stagnate the long-term goals we have. Not only that, but giving ourselves a chance to look at our time management, meetings with others, and professional engagements, allows for us to look at the direction we are in.

Honest observation may show us that we are

  1. Busy but unproductive

  2. Actively Engaged without Realized Outcomes

  3. Yearning for More but Doubtful of our Ability to Execute

My clients and fans are aware of my commitment to helping them Upgrade in their personal and professional goals. That is why I am partnering with thought leaders from around the globe to help individuals learn to:

  1. Leverage relationships

  2. Leave Imposter Syndrome

  3. Utilize Social Media in an authentic way

  4. Maximize Earning Power

Activate Purpose with Compassion

This month I am interviewed by Gina Gardiner, author of The 7 Day Happiness Challenge: With Bonus 30-Day Journal, and host of the W4CY Radio Show. Gina Gardiner is an International Best Selling Author who helps individuals tackle their toughest challenges.

Promote Literacy in India

For every person that views this interview, young girls from India will have opportunities to learn how to read. These girls from the Dalit or Untouchable communities are a repressed group in India. They have been taken out of the education system to earn money for their families.

Turning On the Lights Global Institute helps individuals reach personal and professional goals. Learn about our course offerings today! Attend one of our upcoming events!

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