Fireside Chat with Kwasi Kwaa of Comfort Kitchen

As the founder of Turning On the Lights Global Institute, I have decided to have Fireside Chats with small business owners from around the globe. Since there is no place like home, I have decided to feature some Boston business owners to provide awareness about how they are surviving these challenging times. Today I would love for you to view this Spotlight feature of Kwasi Kwaa of Comfort Kitchen. According to the Boston Globe article, Getting Salty with Kwasi Kwaa of The Chop Bar, “Comfort Kitchen, Headed by Bilplaw Rai, Nyacko Perri and Kwasi Kwaa. ... a restaurant by night, celebrating flavors and ingredients of the African diaspora — global comfort food.”

Kwasi is originally from Ghana and moved to Boston at eleven years of age. Comfort chicken plans to share food from the African Diaspora to all foodies who desire to taste food from their homeland. Comfort food like Jollof rice is the dish that reminds Kwasi of celebration and joy. Watch the interview now.

How Did You Discover Your Passion?

Kwasi states, “I started cooking to pay for college.” He used his skills in cooking to pay for college but eventually grew a passion for creating warm experiences by creating environments for people to eat the food they love.

What can the Boston Community Do to Help the Comfort Kitchen Become A Success?

Kwasi believes that Comfort Kitchen can be used as a location that nourishes the community and provides a haven for community space to help individuals immerse themselves in the cultural civility of the community. Kwasi and his partners look forward to surviving and thriving during these challenging times.

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