Happy Labor Day: Upgrade Your Perspective

In 1882 New Your City held the first Labor Day Parade. Organizations like the Central Labor Union and the AFL-CIO came together to unify workers to discuss work-time and concerns of the day. Could you imagine working a 70- or 80-hour work week? As entrepreneurs we understand the sleepless nights that our dreams warrant, but it is equally important to take time to rest.

When we rest we are able to have clarity of thought. We can find an hour to meditate, or read a favorite book. We can

take the time to show up for our personal goals that allow us to build confidence in a weak area or build community with those we love. Watch this video that I shared with my #IWBCC community about leading a vibrant life.

Take today to upgrade your perspective! You can always decide to Upgrade your personal and professional goals.

Take Action to Build Your Brand

We encourage you to learn about Turning On the Lights Global Institute. Enroll in our Upgrade My Life and Biz events to take your momentum and clarity to another level. Watch one of the #UPML ON-Demand experiences here

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