How I Became an Edupreneur

In 2009 I began creating YouTube videos as a fun way to express my love for life balance and goal setting. Around that time, I became a doctoral student at Capella University, and people often asked me if the program was as robust as a traditional college. In my opinion, it was more rigorous than the traditional classroom. A colleague asked, "What exactly are you doing all day?" There was an implied assumption that I was spending the time in ambiguous conversation with social platforms, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Around the same time, I taught communication courses in Atlanta, Georgia, and loved bringing online articles for students to discuss in class. We covered topics concerning politics, personal development, and public speaking. Students would often stay after the class period ended to discuss their points further.

On many occasions, these students would ask where they could purchase some of the motivational lectures I would give them. I was honored and befuddled. "How will I find the time to make an actual course? What would I name it," I asked myself? I never realized at that time that my future career was unfolding.

In 2011 I decided to form the Women Build Confidence course. This course received a lot of traction and eventually had some units picked up by a fashion school in London. I never imagined that this course on Confidence could be used abroad as a learning tool for students on a global scale.

As the contributing author of the Sage Encyclopedia of Online Learning, I mention that there are non-verbal cues missed in an online setting, but opportunities to learn are still possible. With this in mind, my students in the traditional classroom were longing for additional resources to support their learning. What started as a needed resource became a learning subject.

Since 2014 I have helped thousands of individuals reach personal and professional goals. If you are an expert, coach, teacher, or professional who is in the midst of a career transition, think about adding "Edupreneur," to one of the roles you take on. With a shifting economy, it is essential to have multiple income streams. Why not give digital course creation a try?

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