How I Grew a 6-figure Business from Scratch with Social Media

Updated: Feb 3

Every small business owner has the challenge of marketing their services to new prospects. In 2020, more than 2 million businesses formed as a result of the pandemic. Thousands of teachers left the profession entirely, and trainers and solution providers enrolled in online courses to adapt to the changing economy. Lastly, millions of people were quarantined at home which caused more digital scrolling.

In 2020 people began to see the social platforms of TikTok and Instagram as alternative tools to stay engaged with friends, social circles, and more. With that said, millions of people conducted online shopping with e-commerce algorithms highlighting their favorite items.

Want to learn how I grew a six-figure business from scratch? When I started Turning On the Lights Global Institute, I did not have a large budget to start my business. I had to find organic ways to grow this business. For starters, I had to get out of my own way. I had to accept the fact that people purchase from those they trust. In addition to that, I had to grow in patience. Social engagement is not the same as being in a live room with someone. That meant having a clear strategy to share my services with others. Lastly, I had to remember the years of investment where I served Fortune 500 clients, Graduate learners and individuals looking to pivot careers. I had to celebrate my wins and recognize the personal and professional wins that my clients have experienced. Whether it was receiving payment for a service offered, or landing a major contract, these moments of value are life changing for my clients. I learned to show up in the business.

Class is in Session!

If you are an expert, leader, or entrepreneur I have a treat for you! I created a 2-part series that highlights how to use social platforms like IG and TikTok to reach your ideal client. watch this video training if you are ready to understand how to market your offerings to raving fans organically. There are millions of people looking for solutions in finance, health, digital technology, coaching, and more. What if you were one of the individuals that these eager constituents found?

How did I form my unique tribe of raving fans, use social media to build engagement and convert fans into consumers? Watch this video that I created just for you.

Turning On the Lights Global Institute

Dr. Allana Da Graca is the founder of Turning on the Lights Global Institute. TOLGI helps individuals reach personal and professional goals through digital courses, coaching, and #IWBCC™ events.

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