How to become an Edupreneur in 3-steps

Are you someone who has worked in the consulting or educational industries for a 5-7 year period? I have some good news for you! COVID-19 has given professionals alternate ways of producing income. It is projected that millions of Americans will spend billions of dollars in digital experiences. I highly recommend that you transition your expertise into a modulated training that individuals can consume. How does this happen?

3 Steps to catapult your new role as an Edupreneur!

  1. Select one aspect of your expertise to share

  2. Create 8 Themes that align with that core topic

  3. Decide whether or not you will present this as an audio, visual or written learning series.

You will then want to get your office studio ready for production. I love using the Blue Yeti Microphone, lighting equipment , and additional tools to prepare my digital courses. In the article, 36 Experts Share Their Productivity Tips for Online Course Creators and Digital Training Coaches, I discuss the challenge of designing new courses, but recognize that it is best to get started on a new project with the acknowledgement that everything will not be perfect.

Turning on The Lights Global Institute, is proud to announce our new Business Communication Mastery: Edupreneurs, course offering. This 12-month program will help individuals learn how to systemize their knowledge into bite-size chunks. Don't miss the opportunity to pivot in the digital space. Schedule a discovery call today!

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Dr. Allana Da Graca is the founder of Turning On the Lights Global Institute.

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