How to Persist in Challenging Times: Advice for New Digipreneurs

As the founder of Turning On the Lights Global Institute, I want you to know that we are always thinking about ways to support you as you UPGRADE in 2021.

When we formed TOLGI, we had the vision of living in a reality where influential, wayward, and trailblazing individuals can leverage their expertise to impact the world positively. I envisioned myself working closely with you to help you reach your full potential. Today, I’m happy to say that being a part of your personal and professional development journey gives me great joy.

As we reflect on these challenging times, many of us wonder how to move forward sustainably. In our last email, we spoke about how to progress from COVID-19 induced stagnation. We began the journey toward upgrading our lives by addressing those parts of ourselves that may delay us from reaching our goals.

That was a crucial step to take. If you took it, I would like to congratulate you for laying the first brick to a solid foundation!

Today I’d like for us to start thinking about taking action. I continuously hear my constituents' tell me that they are WAITING for the perfect time to level-up on their productivity. While planning can be a good thing, we must remember that waiting for ideal conditions can cost us more than starting immediately ever can. These moments of waiting can paralyze our potential.

Remember that groundbreaking idea you had ten years ago? Remember how the timing for you to act on it wasn’t perfect? You waited for a more opportune time, and seemingly, the time never arrived.

If you’re reading this email, take this as a sign that the time has arrived!

COVID 19 has allowed us to spend a lot more time in our homes that have also become our offices.

The Shift is toward remote working has been real. The fatigue is real. We have more time to sit with our thoughts and fall into thinking traps, leading us to believe that we're not good enough. We overlook our potential and downplay our accomplishments. We feel like visitors in our own lives.

IMPOSTER SYNDROME is at an ultimate high.

It was hard enough to pursue new dreams and implement fresh ideas Pre-COVID, but Post-COVID, there is even more apprehension. We now have to find new ways of engaging with the outside world, and yet, it’s hard to adapt to the global need for complete digital engagement.

I often hear questions like ‘If I want to reach my ideal audience or clients…’

1. What Do I post?

2. When Do I post?

3. How do I build Online Credibility?

Here are some useful tips for showing up, attracting, and maintaining meaningful engagement with your desired audience:

1. Your posts should be delivered warmly, as though you are having a real conversation with your prospects or constituents.

2. Remember that your audience is listening because they want to hear from you.

3. Pick one or two consistent times to post your content. You can decide to have daily mini-blogs/vlogs, bi-weekly newsletters, or an extensive newsletter once per month. Either way, maintain your following by showing up consistently. Your potential clientele will start to look out for you and ‘tune-in’ daily for more content.

All of the above methods are essential while you build your credibility. Be patient. Your social credibility will build over time. I encourage you to continue uploading content even if you only receive one ‘Like’ after posting.

Show up. You can do this!

Upgrade Your Goals and take Action

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- Identify the gaps between your now and future goals.

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Take Action today!

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  • Identify the gaps between your now and future goals.

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