Procrastination: How I Left Tomorrow-ism

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I just wrapped up a CLUBHOUSE discussion about reaching new goals. I began with the question,

"What is one thing that robs us from becoming our best selves?" After seven individuals spoke, it was apparent that procrastination was one of the top indicators of dream stagnation.

We have all been at the new year where we said, "This year will be different." Goals range from losing weight, writing books, increasing revenue, or landing a new project. Somewhere after the 60-day mark, we may find ourselves doing the following:

  1. Postponing an important task that would lead us to a new stage in a project

  2. Become busy doing what we naturally love to do

  3. Avoid having hard conversations

  4. Neglect to take Time to outline the actions that need to take place for the outcomes to occur

My Radical Action

Paralysis of analysis is an aspect of life that many experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs describe as their rationale for not moving toward a given goal. We want to begin when everything feels right. After 15-years of waiting to write my book, Tomorrow Can't-Wait, I realized I did not have any more years to waste!

I immediately said, "That is it! I will write one paragraph today!" I slowly took one small step every week to complete that book. I drove to Starbucks and began to write for 60 minutes non-stop. I fought with my excuses, schedule and self-doubt. In the end, I had a forty-day experience that forever changed my life. I realized that I had to permit myself to start when everything was not perfect. Since then, I have shared this journey with thousands of individuals.

What could you accomplish if you said goodbye to Procrastination? I believe we all have genius within us. If we take a chance to simply start, we just may surprise ourselves. I would love to see you win this year.

Question for Growth

  1. What is one step you can take to UPGRADE in your personal or professional goals?

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