Show Up Series: 5 Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Upgrade Their Motivation

Dr. Allana Da Graca


Often, when entrepreneurs transition from being an employee to the head of a new business, one of the first hurdles they face is no longer having the consistency of accountability. As the CEO of your company, it is up to you to set goals, review the outcomes, and adapt to this post-pandemic economy. Having qualifications in your sector is not the only piece of the business puzzle that you have to solve. The nature of growing a business can feel daunting.

As entrepreneurs, we are often busy with the operational aspects of our work. Without consistency, clarity, and a. system of balance in place, it will be hard to maintain momentum.

So, how can entrepreneurs stay motivated? The answer is simple: Permit yourself to UPGRADE!


  1. Take a moment to Pause & Remember Your Vision

  2. Set Your Action Plan to Win

  3. Identify Feelings of Overwhelm

  4. Have a Personal Appreciation Day

  5. Give Yourself Permission to Upgrade!

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