The Importance of Building Tribe: Why I Created #IWBCC™

Updated: Apr 15

In 2016, I went to the Boston Central Library to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur. I wanted to show leaders and entrepreneurs how to:

  1. Create high-level training experiences

  2. Design Online Courses

  3. Speak with Confidence

My daily routine during the early days of my business consisted of

  1. Writing blogs

  2. Speaking at events

  3. Planning new experiences

  4. Drafting proposals

  5. Speaking to prospects

  6. Negotiating contracts

  7. Creating online events

I could easily have a 14-hour day. After one year of doing it all alone, I recognized the need to be a part of a community. I invested in programs with Lisa Nichols, Susie Carder, Jack Canfield, Patty Aubery, Harvard University, Collaborate, and a host of others. I had heart-to-heart talks with my Senior Business Advisor a.k.a “HUBSTER,” and realized that if I were going to be successful, I would need to consistently be around other eagles who were soaring to make their dreams come true.

Many entrepreneurs do not mind working with themselves as the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, but one may experience a heightened state of burnout. Dr. Winch of Psychology Today said that, "Our group identity often gives us a sense of common purpose around the pursuit of common goals." That is why I formed the International Women Build Confidence Conference.

The #IWBCC ™ community was formed in 2016, to help women leave stagnation and build confidence around goal setting. The #IWBCC tribe has given more than 13 thousand hours of coaching to our Spark clients and Constituents. I never imagined that one Instagram Livestream would lead to 5 years of personal development, efficacy, and relationship building.

In these challenging times it will be important to stay in motion. Watch this Night Of Hope event and get inspired.


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Dr. Allana Da Graca is the founder of Turning on the Lights Global Institute. TOLGI helps individuals reach personal and professional goals through digital courses, coaching, and #IWBCC™ events.

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