Three Steps to Overcome Your Challenges

It is time to build in these challenging times. When we take time to analyze our goals, we can feel lethargic at this time of year. Here are the three steps you can take to overcome your challenges:

Face Your Giants

Find 10 minutes each morning to move past procrastination

Overcome Self-Doubt

Find 10 minutes each morning to affirm your change is possible. You can say, "I can upgrade my life," 10 times a day until you believe it!

Attend the Upgrade My Life and Biz

Get out of your comfort zone.

Watch this livestream replay and gain the momentum that is necessary for reaching new milestones.

If you have not done so, feel free to register to attend our

upcoming Kickstart Your Social Media Blueprint for Boss Ladies, and the Upgrade My Life Challenge!

Turning On the Lights Global Institute

Dr. Allana Da Graca is the founder of Turning on the Lights Global Institute. TOLGI helps individuals reach personal and professional goals through digital courses, coaching, and #IWBCC™ events. Email us

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