With so many of us staying home, it can be easy to avoid real conversation. Constant phone chimes throughout the day influence us to want to turn off everything for a moment to get still. Unfortunately, a lot of isolation has caused us to long for engagement. In celebration of Women's History Month, I want to highlight the impact that we can have as leaders and entrepreneurs when we realize we do not have to soar in our goals in isolation.

"I Will Upgrade My Life!" I would tell myself this phrase daily. I have created Podcasts, Music, Poetry, and Live Chats about this one theme.

The International Women Build Confidence Conference ™#IWBCC was formed in 2017 as I slowly recognized the need for women to have authentic support and engagement.

I had the pleasure to have a robust discussion with women during one of our summer sessions. One of our members, Trelane Clark, shared how the authentic engagement and camaraderie between women allowed her to leverage her goals as an administrator and leader. A skeptic at first she recognized the value of tribe. When I first met Trelane, I knew she was a skeptic. Trelane, a thought leader, professional, and advocate, would observe the group process intensely. For the first three months, she attended our meetings without video sharing. I knew she wanted to see if this time to leverage our goals would be as good as it sounded. Over time, she realized these conversations with other powerhouse leaders were worthwhile, and she began to attend the meetings with the same intensity as the others.

Since then, she has realized her lifelong dream of becoming an elementary school principal, been appointed Vice President of Black Women Education Leaders, Inc. (BWEL) and is a contributing author to a book calledWomen Who Lead in Education, featuring School Principals.

As we are living in tumultuous times, it is refreshing to connect with like-minded individuals. If you are a leader or entrepreneur who has felt the need to leverage your personal and professional goals, join our community today. Join our community to increase your earning power, adapt to the digital world, and refine leadership skills.

Watch the YouTube discussion with the #IWBCC community as Trelane Clark discusses her growth from joining the collective of thought leaders. Join #IWBCC ™ on Facebook to converse with powerhouse leaders and entrepreneurs. Learn about our upcoming events.

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