Women Build Confidence: My Journey to Self-Acceptance

I feel great concern for women who struggle with depression, obesity, and fatigue, as a result of the process of life that we all endure. Sometimes we look in the mirror and smile with appreciation for all of the ways life has been good to us. Then there are other moments when nothing seems to halt our thoughts, concerns, and subtle fears. These are the moments when there is no friend to call; these are the moments when negative self-talk pervades our mind and we feel anxious about a clock that constantly ticks. Sadly, there are times like these when those inner pains come to the surface, leading us to come to a valley of decision. This book offers you additional tools to help you navigate through the complexities of life.

As the author of, Tomorrow Can’t Wait: Offering Persistence of a Lifetime, I started to receive emails from my TCW book-club members. These women were war veterans, single mothers, divorced women, disabled women, and those in the midst of transition. They simply wanted to know how to develop a positive self-view about their lives and wanted strategies for reaching their personal goals. Many of them felt that their life challenges stepped in the way of their goals to reach new levels of contentment.

Most importantly, they wanted to know how to develop their self- confidence. Self-concept plays a strong role in our ability to take

new risks in our lives. It also has everything to do with how we view ourselves.

We take an aspect of ourselves and come to a decision of truth that suggests why we are at a certain place in life. My research about self-concept has influenced my decision to create this Women Build Confidence Coaching Series. For example, I had moments in my own life when I was not certain of my goals and desires. I doubted my abilities as a result of the negative words I internalized from others. Sometimes, these words were in reference to my appearance and other times these projections were about my abilities to succeed professionally. In many ways, I became a specialist in sabotaging my personal success, because I was too concerned with the thoughts of others. I was scared of not being liked. To make matters worse, I was around the wrong individuals. I would call these people ‘dream snatchers’. We all know some dream snatchers. They happen to be people that are part of our inner circle. Many times we recognize that there are a few individuals in our personal sphere who may not understand our heart when it comes to a hidden dream or a desire for something more.

After much introspection, I decided to live drastically different! I wanted to transform my life. I recognized that change could not happen until I owned my experiences, expectations and decisions managing my life. Until that day, I had harbored anger for not being the person I had always dreamed I could be. I always thought I would be an author, playwright, vocalist and spokeswoman, but I had stopped producing projects, writing new songs and more. In the moments of hiding my talents, I began to feel angry and resentful. I saw others leading their lives normally, while I was a victim to my past. One day someone said, “Wow! You were so talented when you were younger! You missed the boat on what you should have been doing!” I was so angry, because part of me always wanted to return to the creative arts. It had been over nine years since I had actively performed, recited, or danced in a professional manner.

With time, research and commitment, I was able to regain the strength to re-direct my life.

As we celebrate Women's month, I would love to invite you to join my tribe for leaders and entrepreneurs. The International Women Build Confidence Conference ™ formed in 2018 where women from all walks of life came together to Upgrade their goals. Women from Boston, New York, Ohio, Houston, Atlanta and Trinidad filled a room to support one another in solidarity. With just 23 women in attendance, we felt strong and encouraged as though there were 200 present. Since then we have seen our tribe grow to have thought leaders, serial entrepreneurs, professional athletes, educators and professionals join our community. Look for #IWBCC and join a tribe of powerhouse leaders.

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