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When you work with me, you are able to have undivided attention as you build your strategy to win. Leave the Virtual Meeting  Gloom and get the dynamic engagement, assignments, and feedback you need to move forward today. 

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Hampton Fluker,

“Being an actor was not the plan, especially when I was younger. Allana’s belief in her students along with her talent for tricking you into believing in yourself is a large reason why I am an actor today. I am blessed to have benefited from Allana’s positivity, talent, and grace. Without people like Allana, many young women and men would never realize how tangible their dreams really are. I am forever grateful for the foundation she helped lay for my life’s journey and the foundations she will no doubt continue to lay for others.” 

Camila Costa

"I came to Dr. Allana Da Graca to Upgrade my cleaning business. I wanted to develop confidence as a business owner, and create systems to help my clients with five-star experiences. I have been able to pivot my business to offer extra care to my climate in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic.

Sara Scala, Business Consultant

I consult with business clients daily. I traveled a lot to serve my clients but COVID changed all of that as I began to work remotely. I took part in Dr. Allana's Edupreneurs program and was able to create two digital courses. Her guidance was valuable for me!

Tara Mazanac, Health and Wellness Expert

I worked with Dr. Allana to take my Health & Wellness program to a digital format. I have been able to onboard new online clients and am steadily seeing my business transform lives

Genielle Hall Blondell, Teen Confidence Coach

When I met Dr. D I thought I could serve everyone. Her coaching, affirmations and guidance helped me to launch my Teen Build Confidence Program. I have been featured in News Publications and am making strides here in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Ilissa Cunningham, Branding & Fashion Consultant

Before I met Dr. D I had many ideas and products that I wanted to launch. Finding a way to put things together was my biggest challenge. I have learned that I can clear the clutter and get clear about my goals!

Nakeisha Sanders

Sandy Handrick

Camila Costa


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