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Did you know that you are a gem? You were designed with unique talents and abilities which influences your desire to help others. We love gems because they are uniquely crafted and have great value. Unfortunately, many times we don't feel valuable due to a challenge, setback, moment of transition, or business loss. Now is the time to re-ignite that unique value that you have. I want you to tap into the Holiday and make room for new awakenings to happen in your life. 


I want you to win in 2023! You can upgrade your goals without apology this year. I know what it is like to look out the window and wonder if my dream to serve others is possible. I know what it is like to have a vision but no strategy. I used to think that a calendar full of speaking engagements, meetings, and products would get me to eventually have revenue as a business owner. It took me 15 years to realize my strategy was not working. 
I was impacting the lives of others but did not have the compensation that would allow me to serve in a higher capacity. I finally decided to have some INCUBATION to get clear about (1) who I wanted to serve, (2) how I wanted to serve, and (3) the capacity of what that experience would look like. 
I decided I would start with ME. I decided to show my tribe of experts, leaders, and change agents how to share their genius, minimize all of the tech overwhelm out there, and get my clients to serve their constituents. 
During this Thanksgiving season, I encourage you to access one of my many coaching programs. These are coupons that will support you in your entrepreneurship journey. Lock in and save more than 15,000.00 dollars when you enroll in one of our programs.
Get an author-signed copy of my latest book, Upgrade My Life and Biz when you enroll in one of our programs. 


50 Percent off

Save $5600 normally  $1850 mo


8 month program

Leave Tech Overwhelm and design the service and system for your MVP clients. Craft and Design a signature system. Design your social media blueprint for 2023. Join the Spark Team and gain eligibility to become a Spark Coach. 

8 months of on-demand coaching

12 Live Master mind calls

Spark Coach Eligibility

Social Media Action Plan

Social Media DFY Social posts 90 days

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Sandra Chaney

Spark Member, Author & Coach

linda tumbarello_edited.jpg

Linda Tumbarello

#IWBCC  Member, 


Camila Costa.png

Camila Costa

Spark Member, Entrepreneur

Tara Mazanac.png

Tara Mazanac

Spark Alum, Fitness Expert

Ready to Get Your Swag Back?
Only $99 (200 dollars off)
Sign up for only
2 payments of 45.00 dollars. 

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Are You Looking to Get Your Swag Back to Unleash Your Potential, Identify Your Genius ….and Design the Blueprint of Success in Your Life?


I know that we have experienced some challenging times in these past two years. That is why I want you to know that to stay in motion,  it is vital to have a moment to re-set our momentum. There is something great within you! 4.4 million people participated in the great resignation. Within that number there were individuals who decided to launch new goals to reach personal and professional actualization. Your growth is possible this year! It is dependent upon the DRASTIC ACTION you take to arrive at this new destination of success.

When you are leading a vibrant life, you will find that you can, quantum leap your results and design a blueprint for personal and professional Success. That’s right. Showing up in your confident self allows you to ignite the genius within. It is time for you to Upgrade!

I have designed an awesome 30-day experience; “Upgrade My Life in 30-Days,” to help you re-set your personal and professional goals. I am dedicated to helping leaders, experts and entrepreneurs for only $10 dollars a day in efforts to help you see radical change

30-Days to Strategize 

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Normally $750 per month

Women Build Confidence

Coaching 9 months

Ready to finally live the vibrant life you have always dreamed of? Dr. Allana is launching a new WBC 2.0 course in 2023. Upgrade your digital portfolio to establish your earning power for 2023. Complete your SWOT of Self and Industry as you re-establish your goals. After serving your industry, family and others, it is time to focus on YOU. 

This course is designed for thought leaders and experts who are ready to feel FIVE STAR in their personal and professional lives. This is a personal development track! 

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OUR Testimonials

Here from our Spark Members

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