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My name is Dr. Allana Da Graca and I want to invite you to watch the Upgrade My Life webinar where you can design the personal and professional action plan that you need to move forward. These are challenging times .... you've heard the phrase that we all must pivot time and time again, but the truth is that challenging times can allow us to tap into our creative potential.

In this life changing seminar, I want to show you how to:


1. Leave the Procrastination Habit

2. Stop Negative Self-Talk

3. Understand the Science behind Goal Attainment

4. Give Access to a Tribe of Leaders, Experts, Service Providers and Entrepreneurs



Watch This Upgrade Masterclass!

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Our Spark Agenda

September 14th-17th

7:30-8:30AM EST

(On-Demand Access)

Thanks for joining the Upgrade My Life and Biz Challenge. We highly recommend you attend the event live, but we understand that there are competing schedules that may prevent you from doing so. Register to receive Highlights from the challenge. Both online and offline attendees are given access to assignments, action items and Bonus awards for participation. 


Sep 14th: Clear the Clutter.  Have you opted into digital experiences that leave you overwhelmed? Focus on what matters most. Build Your Boss Statement. 

Sep 15th: Face Your Giants!

Is fear holding you back from becoming your best self? Learn how to overcome barriers of success. Leave Procrastination!

Sep 16th: Face Your Fears!

Overcome burnout and fatigue and strategize your 10x game plan.

Sep 17th: Get Social. Are you wondering where your raving fans are? How can you attract the opportunities surrounding your business and professional environment?


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Are You Looking to Get Your Swag Back to Unleash Your Potential, Identify Your Genius ….and Design the Blueprint of Success in Your Life?


I know that we have experienced some challenging times in these past two years. That is why I want you to know that to stay in motion,  it is vital to have a moment to re-set our momentum. There is something great within you! 4.4 million people participated in the great resignation. Within that number there were individuals who decided to launch new goals to reach personal and professional actualization. Your growth is possible this year! It is dependent upon the DRASTIC ACTION you take to arrive at this new destination of success.

When you are leading a vibrant life, you will find that you can, quantum leap your results and design a blueprint for personal and professional Success. That’s right. Showing up in your confident self allows you to ignite the genius within. It is time for you to Upgrade!

I have designed an awesome 30-day experience; “Upgrade My Life in 30-Days,” to help you re-set your personal and professional goals. I am dedicated to helping leaders, experts and entrepreneurs for only $10 dollars a day in efforts to help you see radical change

30-Day Transformational Videos

Video One: Upgrade Day One: Make the Decision to Upgrade

Video Two: Pivot in the Post-Pandemic Economy

Video Three: There are Opportunities All Around

Video Four: There are Opportunities All Around Part II

Video Five: What Will it Take to Upgrade

Video Six: How to Keep Momentum

Video Seven: How to Understand Your Talents

Video Eight: Say Goodbye to Resentment

Video Nine: How to Persist in Challenging Times

Video Ten: How to Leave Stagnation

Video Eleven: How to Re-Ignite Your Goals

Video Twelve: How to Act Now

Video Thirteen: How to Serve Your Raving Fans

Video Fourteen: The Role of Affirmations

Video Fifteen: How to Push Past N

Video Sixteen: Let’s Elevate

Video Seventeen: How to Start Now

Video Eighteen: Say No to Say Yes

Video Nineteen: Writing Lesson




Video Twenty-Four: Bonus MASTERCLASS
Video Twenty-Five: Story of Courage

Video Twenty-Six: Bonus

Video Twenty -Seven: Let’s Plan to Win

Video Twenty-Eight: Incubation Accelerator

Video Twenty-Nine: Get My Swag Back


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The “Upgrade My Life in 30-Days experience normally sells for $1997, but I am determined to help you leverage your personal and professional goals in 2022.

That is why I am GIFTING you a $1598 DOLLAR CASH VOUCHER to kickstart your program today.

Join me on this 30-day experience, and you’ll learn that

  • You have what it takes to take drastic action

  • You can remove the distractions that have kept you stuck

  • You have great opportunities to grow in your personal goal

  • You can stop self-sabotage

  • You can navigate your goals with imperfection

  • You have a right to experience joy, and fulfillment in life

Working to develop your persistence muscles is key to your professional development. I can’t wait to serve you!

Let’s Kickstart Your Growth today. 

Dr. Allana Da Graca


Nakeisha Sanders

Sandy Handrick

Camila Costa

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