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Are you a new entrepreneur looking to grow in 2021? What if I told you that you could make thousands of dollars doing what you felt passionate about? More importantly, how many more get rich quick schemes, unresponsive programs, and unproven workshops are you going to join that are insufficient in helping you to reach your abundant growth?  The Coronavirus crisis has caused us all to stop and re-evaluate our big WHY. In this time you have probably seen the need to reshape how you manage yourself and the goals you set for 2021. Now, more than ever, it is essential to take appropriate measures to stay in MOTION.


Turning On the Lights Global Institute would love to help you reach your personal and professional goals. In our Business Coaching Programs. Our Coaching Program has been restructured to meet the growing demands of our clients to adapt to a Web-centric marketplace. 

I am Allana Da Graca


Since 2002, I have helped educators, trainers, artists, executives, and entrepreneurs remove the limiting beliefs that stop one from reaching their best selves.  I have taken my 22-year experience and launched this laser coaching experience for individuals who are serious about reaching new personal and professional goals.  Business Communication Mastery 

is a foundational training that offers new entrepreneurs the tools to define their service, create custom programs, and design services to make thousands in revenue. Unlike many in the training industry, I have mastered the art of teaching as one who has taught thousands of learners. My research on Persistence has helped me to understand the common pitfalls that new entrepreneurs face.


My research on goal attainment, communication mastery, and digital storytelling sets my unique programs apart from many out there. More importantly, my expertise stems from the deep dive discussions I have had at institutions like Bentley University, Northeastern University, Harvard University, Unifacs-Brazil, Walden University, and many more. Now my classroom is VIRTUAL and I hope you will deep dive with me!

Your Time for Success Is Now!

Hello there...

I know that you have been thinking about your new business for quite some time. Maybe you are someone who has decided to start a new business

and  envisioned having thousands listen to you speak, share your expertise, and more.


Yes, you are a dreamer….but making this dream a reality seems daunting.  You envisioned yourself kickstarting your dreams….but a demanding work schedule, family responsibilities, and inner-chatter has made you wonder if your dreams can be a reality.


You have attended workshops, seminars and conferences to help you create affirmations, new intentions and resolutions, but you feel like you are still spinning in circles.  You know you should be at a place where you can see the results of all of those notes you took at these events, but you are still in the same place.


You wonder, “Why am I not seeing the results I have worked so hard for?” How many more workshops and events can I go to without seeing a return on my investment?

You Are Not Alone in Your Experience

I spent 12 years hiding my goals, dreams and ideas in the basement of my home! I attended workshops, get rich quick schemes, and more to find my SUCCESS. Instead, I became frustrated because although I had the passion to help people reach their goals, I did not have a solid system in place that would help me to  generate a sufficient income, engage with my key clients, and optimize my skills with webinars and workshops that met the needs of those in need of my services.

This all changed when I decided to take the time to create a unique system to help my clients reach tangible milestones.  Now it is Your turn to learn how to kickstart your business, clarify your target market, and jumpstart your use of Social Media!


Let’s Get Serious About Your Intentions


1.     You’re a hard worker

2.  You love helping individuals reach new goals, feel better about themselves, or feel more confident about who they are in your specific industry

3.    You are not sure where to begin to make this vision of a new business or service a reality

Are You Ready to Experience a Turnaround with your goals this year?


Visualize What your Business or Service would look like if you had the direct coaching of a Goals Expert. Picture yourself being able to


  • Offer a paid service, with training, hands-on interaction, and direct engagement from my 18 years in the Communication and Social Media industry

  • Kickstart your profitability with a BETA Launch that includes

  • Custom workshop ideation

  • Avatar Creation

  • Industry positioning

  • Peer support and Accountability

  • Leverage your Service with Social Media Content

  • Learn your Social Media Persona

  • Identify the Platforms to use for your service & industry

  • Kickstart your online presence

  • Transform your Ideas into Profit

  • Learn how to convert leads

  • Maximize Marketing & Social Media Integration

  • Become a Micro-influencer


We are proud to offer our Premium 2021 coaching opportunities. 


  • Systematize your idea into a service, course or product

  • Transform your years of experience into a training or coaching system

  • Expedite your income opportunity by creating e-commerce solutions that help your clients 24/7

  • Upgrade your technical skills as you bootstrap your business

  • Leverage Profitability with our Speaker Labs, Online Scripts for Lead Generation and Virtual platform trainings

  • Participate in real-world simulations

  • Create authentic engagements with a tribe of powerhouse leaders

  • Gain VIP Access to all TOLGI events

  • Grasp the TOLGI 4-Layer Model (Plan, Ideate, Spark & Simulate)

Business Communication Mastery is a 1-year program that is divided into 12 week semesters. You are given action tasks, assignments and direct coaching in a HYBRID format. This online and offline experience allows you to directly connect with your coach (Yours truly) while engaging with your peers.


Many programs will offer your templates of workshops, scripts, and lead sheets, but this is where we differ. We will conduct an analysis of your service and identify how to position your message in the market. This includes unique Social Media Content Creation, Ideation for new products and more!


Strive with the Tribe

BCM is known for creating life-changing opportunites through our engagement and networking moments. We offer additional learning to help you apply the learning modules into your business.


Sneak Peak of Business Communication Mastery

Milestone Tracker



BCM Program


Month 1- Understanding the Why (2 Virtual Meetings)

Understand the mission of your service, product or business. Complete your mission statement with strategies of Visualization, Mind-Mapping and Skill positioning.

Month 2-Targeting your Consumer (2 Virtual Meetings)

Complete your SWOT! Take time to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your core offerings. Expert analysis on how to establish the key benchmarks for positioning success.

Month 3- Avatar Creation(2 Virtual Meetings)

Let’s Get clear about our consumer. Maximize your success when you identify WIIFM with key clients. Use multimedia to design your unique client.

Month 4- Your Dynamic Beta (2 Virtual Meetings)

With a strong assessment of your target, get ready to make revenue with a test into the market. Establish an opt-in and learn the foundations of direct engagement for sales.

Month 5-Analyze Your Wins (2 Virtual Meetings)

Evaluation and Assessment is Crucial to the Success of your Business. Strengthen weak areas with a clear analysis of your BETA process, and identify methods to capture your target for increased sales.

Month 6-Social Media Blueprint (2 Virtual Meetings)

Understand the current methods of digital communication. Learn the fundamentals of Social Media tools (YouTube, Blogging, Instagram, Facebook, General site creation) for business success.

Month 7- Online Products (2 Virtual Meetings)

Create digital products to sell to your clients and position yourself to make multiple streams of income.

Month 8-Public Speaking and Marketing (2 Virtual Meetings)

Understand the Basic Principles of Public Speaking

Participate in 2 speaker labs to strengthen your positioning as a Specialist or Expert in your field.

Month 9-Prep for Official Launch of Business

 (2 Virtual Meetings)

Create your Service Alignment

Service Description Development

Month 10-Captivate your Digital Story (2 Virtual Meetings)

Tools of Social Media

Month 11-Sales & Events (2 Virtual Meetings)

Month 12-Follower CRM (2 Virtual Meetings)

Spark Opportunities

Inspiring Change

  • Applied learning to propel your potential results

  • Bi-weekly coaching calls 

  • Guest Expert Virtual Visits

  • Exclusive BCM Tribe Membership

  • Business Development Assignments and Strategy Milestone updates.

Women Build Confidence  2.0

Leadership and Personal Development

The Women Build Confidence Level one Coaching Series is a program  that is designed to assist women with developing effective tools to reach personal and professional goals. 

We help women define their skills and identify their strengths. 

  • Bi-Weekly Zoom Accountability Meetings

  • Sisters Keeper

  • Custom Action Plan

  • Deep Dive with Dr. D Face to Face



Month 1: Definition of Self Confidence x2

Month 2: SWOT of SELFx2

Month 3: Kickstart Self-Reflectionx2

Month 4: Sisters Keeperx2


Month 6: How to Identify Your Passionx2



Month 9: Sisters Keeper IIx2


Month 11: Self LOVEx2



WBC 2x= Subject Matter & Implementation

2 Virtual Meetings x12

The Women Build Confidence Coaching Program is part of a 6-month on-line training that is designed to assist women with developing effective tools to reach personal and professional goals. Dr. Da Graca has spent 20 years helping women get out of the shadows and into the limelight of their dreams! Design your blueprint of success when  you join this power packed program. Reclaim your life-on your own terms, and maximize your personal and professional success. Stop the disease of “Tomorrow-ism,” and ACTIVATE a new mindset that will catapult you to new levels of transformation. Access the secret sauce of persistence that Dr. Da Graca has used to navigate out of her own personal setbacks.

  • Shift Your Mindset

  • Affirm your Inherent Worth and Value

  • Kindle New Sparks of Opportunity

  • Leverage Your Skillsets for the New Economy

  • Design A Personal Action Calendar with Step-by-Step Strategy

  • Learn How to Persevere through Uncertainty

  • Query Your Personal Path of Success

  • Upgrade Your Wealth and Power

  • Generate Opportunities and Kickstart Your Passion

  • Find  Your Sister’s Keeper

  • Access an Infectious Tribe of leaders

  • Upgrade Your Communication Skills (Social Media Onboard)

  • Access our Digi-Lab trainings for tech newbies


Laser Focused Coaching


Kickstart Your Drastic Action

  • Customized Action Plan

  • Implementation & Strategy Accountability

  • UX Design Support


  • Core Social Media Alignment

3-12 months available

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