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Engaging Digital Curriculum 

Craft online intuitive experiences that engage, inspire and innovate institutional learning.

Institutional Service

Dr. Allana Da Graca has worked with notable institutions (Bentley University, Lesley University, Walden University, Allied University and Northeastern University) as a Subject Matter Expert in Digital Communication and UX Design for more than 20 years.

Corporate Coaching

Taught Ceo's, Partners and Executive leadership teams.
As a result of consulting with international executives (Keller Williams, PWC, CD Travel, Michelin,National Police, Amazon-China, Police Board-Finland,Honda, UPS) companies enhance the communication cognition of their employees and strengthen the professional development of their leadership teams. 


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My name is Dr. Allana Da Graca and I am a Subject Matter Expert in Digital Communication Strategy. As an educator, artist and business owner, I love the process of ideation and execution. There is something special that happens when a client can formulate a new goal and see it come to life. I have worked with world leaders to produce online courses, virtual events, masterminds, webinars, masterclasses and more. As a result of teaching thousands of students, employee retention, earning power, and professional advancement has occurred from those impacted by my work! 


Mashup Integration

Communication Objectives

Digital Assesment

Wireframe Modules

User Flow


Northeastern University

Revised the Digital Storytelling course into a Hybrid Program using Blackboard and Canvas LMS systems. Integrated triad pathways for graduate Learners.

T. M. Health Coaching

Design Digital subscription program for health and wellness. Design curriculum for weight loss. 

Handrick Learning

Design a Digital experience for math students. Determine design, digital avatar, IG copy, FB Copy, virtual event copy for online tutoring program

Lesley University

Design Hybrid Program for Graduate Learners in Education. Use Blackboard to integrate an accelerated curriculum for teachers, principles and administrators in the nation. 

Walden University

Presidential Board of Internationalization Member. Design Digital Framework for global learners. Design Webinars for the International Advisory Council. National Presenter 2009-2014. Unifacs Brazil Partnership

Mass Comm, Writing for Communication, Social Media & Digital Technology Course Design

Small Business Strong

Work as a first responder to help companies hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic pivot online. Restaurant Owners, educators, and service providers learn how to engage with prospects with website flow, and engagement. 

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